Be much more than a pure trading company. Be pioneers.


At a Glance

Incorporated in 2012, as Iberia Biomas Energy S.L, the new Iberia Bioenergy have been trading biofuels and raw material for Industrial Players and providing biomass sourcing and logistic services to the Biomass Power Plants along all Mediterranean Sea Area. Having demonstrated to our clients that we can reliably supply bulk quantities of high-quality of products and always providing advantages to add value, Iberia BIoenergy is a strategic partner for Industrial players the Bioenergy Energy Sector.

What we do?

Iberia Bioenergy trades liquid and solid biofuels, in compliance the highest standars of quality for Power & Thermical Generation and Transport Sectors. We also offer to Pulp & Wood , Oleochemical and Biogas customers a wide range of standard and tailor-made Raw materials.

Our vertically-integrated business units provide specialized services and solutions for Biomass Power Producers and Biofuels Industry, in order to ensure efficiencies and to add value across all business operations.

With Headquartered in the Spain, we have extended our business activities to main markets . We are now active in 3 continents, strengthening relationships in developed economies and identifying and fostering opportunities in the developing world.


Mission and Vision

  • Our mission

    “Be much more than a pure trading company. Be pioneers.”

  • Our Strategy

    “Our strategic goal is to grow in the global energy market based on renewable raw materials.”

  • Our vision

    “Working towards a safe and sustainable future, contributing to the global effort of providing renewable energy for a growing population.”