Raw Materials

Offering a Wide Range of Standars and Tailor-Made Products for Industrial Customers.

Feedstocks for Biofuel & Biogas Industries, Raw Materials for Pulp & Fiber Wood Producers and also Sub-products from Biofuels Industry. All of them in compliance the highest standards of quality.

Pulp & Fiber Wood Producers

Pulp & Paper Industries.

Iberia Bionergy trades two woodchip products ideally suited to the production of pulp and paper products: Eucalyptus and Accia wood chip from South Africa and Brazil origins, with the capability of exporting 50.000 BDMT  per year. Eucalyptus Sp. Globulus & Urigrandis provide the wood from which the main players manufacture its paper.

Eucalyptus globulus is regarded by experts around the world as providing the ideal fibre for printing and writing paper. The wood is made up of short fibres presenting extremely consistent properties: excellent softness, bulk, rigidity, dimensional stability and wet strength.

Our woodchips are traded from plantation-grown timber and are FSC COC certified and the final quality meets customer requirements in terms of size and humidity.

FiberWood Industry.

Medium-Density Fibreboard – generally referred to as MDF . Formed from a combination of hardwood and softwood wood fibres, usually a mix of Oak and Beech species. It is stronger than plywood or chipboard and can be easily cut, drilled, machined and filed. Our woodchips meet customer requirements in terms of size and humidity.

Iberia Bionergy trades these kind of wood chips from Burgas Port, in the Black Sea, from where it can be shipped in coaster boats for 3.000  to 12.000 metric tonnes of wood chips, with the capability of exporting 30 000 BDMT  per annum.  Also we trade Soft Wood from Spain and Portugal with an anual capacity of about 40.000 metric tonnes in logs and wood chips.



Feedstocks for Biofuels & Olechemical Industries



We facilitate trades in the biofuel and oleochemical industries by trading feedstock.

Waste-Based Feedstocks represents 90% of our feedstock trade operations


 Waste-Based FeedStocks


These feedstocks are not in conflict with food or feed usage and land which has not been intentionally converted to farmland. Therefore we can guarantee a CO2 savings of more than 80% versus fossil fuels.


Used cooking oil



Recycled used cooking oil certified with ISCC, Red Cert or 2BSVS with acidity (FFA) max. 5-6% and iodine value of between 50 -120. Final UCOME gets a reduction of GHG emission between 83,8 and 94,7% compared to standard biofuels. We source mainly from Asia and Mediterranean countries.
Animal fat cat.1&2



Animal by-products (pork, poultry, beef, ..). This type of feedstock is certified ISCC with acidity (FFA) between of 12% and 30%. We source mainly from South America and Mediterranean countries.
Animal fat cat.3



Animal by-products (pork, poultry, beef, mix…) that can be reused in biodiesel industry.  Acidity level (FFA) may be lower than 1% and go up to 15%. We source mainly from South America and Mediterranean countries.
Fatty acids and acid oils


By-products of oil refining (rapeseed, palm, sunflower ,soybean, olive, corn ).We source mainly from Asia, South America and Mediterranean countries.
Oleins By-products of oil refining (rapeseed, palm, sunflower soybean). Certified with ISCC, acidity (FFA) max.65%. We source mainly from Mediterraneam countries.


Virgin Veg. Oil – Based Feedstocks

Crude Sunflower Oil We source CSO mainly from Ukraine. With acidity (FFA) max. 2-3% and non GMO.  This type of feedstock is certified ISCC .
Crude Degummed Rapped Seed Oil


We source CSO mainly from Ukraine. With acidity(FFA) max. 1-2% and non GMN. This type of feedstock is certified ISCC .


Feedstocks for Biogas Industry


Iberia Bioenergy through its wide raw materials sourcing net is providing alternative solutions for Biogas Producers in processes of anaerobic digestion. Securing a reliable feedstock supply is fundamental to a profitable instrustrial activity.


  • Grude Glycerin as by-product in Biodiesel Industry
  • Husk Sunflower / Straw Pellets.
  • Damaged Grains  : Such crops include maize, grass silage, energy beet and wholecrop cereals.
  • Damaged Meals or Flours : Such as DDGS, sunflower or rapeseed meals.