Advanced Biofuels

Bio-Technological Solutions: Agro Waste to Advanced Microbial Oils as feedstock for the Biofuel Industry securing a GHG Saving > 94%.

Iberia Bioenergy a authorized representative for MicroBioil™ technology for the biodiesel sector. This technology allow  the conversion of agro-waste to microbial oil compatible with advanced biofuels production.

Advanced biofuels are produced from raw materials such as agricultural residues and wastes that are not in direct competition with food and feed crops.

The use of our licenses to produce Microbial oil made from Agro-wastes provides a huge advantage to Biofuel producer because its advanced biofuel can result 94% lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared with fossil diesel.



MicroBiOil™ is a platform to produce high added-value oils and microbial derived oleochemicals from renewable sources.

  • MicrobiOil™ facilitates the production of oils through sustainable processes, using industrial by-products (such as crude glycerin) or organic residues (such as wheat straw or sugarcane bagasse).
  • MicroBiOil™  is a platform to produce Tailor – Made oils . These oils can be used for several purposes into the Biofuel industry, for example for aviation or road transportation. By improving inherent properties suchas  Cold Filter Poor Point, Oxidation Stability or Cetane Number.