Anti-Slagging Tech

Addressing the Biomass Fuel Flexibility and the Slag Control for biomass burning processes.

Iberia Bioenergy is an Authorized Commercial Agent in exclusivity for the Iberian market of FuelPro® Anti-slagging Injection Tech for Biomass burning processes in Power Generation.

Iberia Bioenergy specifically addresses Fuel Flexibility and Slag Control using our FuelPro® additives for burning processes.

  • FuelPro® improve unit efficiency by Increasing unit availability/higher steam/MW per tonne of fuel fired, lowing operating costs, optimized heat transfer.
  • FuelPro® empower Fuel flexibility because it controls for Slagging and fouling with all types of biomass fuels and the ability to fire opportunity fuels with lower ash fusion temperaturas, Co-firing applications, ie, woody & agro-biomass.
  • FuelPro® improves safety because eliminate slag falls that can result in boiler damage/tube leak and eliminate risk to personnel exposed.

Download: FuelPro Phenomena Anti-Slagging Video