Biomass & Wood Sourcing

Securing Biomass Resources to Power Producers.

Iberia bioenergy counts with a extenses experience on biomass sourcing and a depth knowledge in Burning Processes with multiple biomass fuels.


Fuels Flexibility: Mix Biomass


Nowadays the Feedstock Flexiblity is crucial for biomass burning processes. Due to our tight knowledge of the wide porfolio of biomasses, their technical characteristics and geographical distribution, Iberia Bioenergy can design suitable mix of raw materials, which it allow to optimize production costs.

Biomass Fuel Flexibility:

  • Soft Mix : Between 80% -100% Virgin Wood Chips and 20% – 0% Fruit Trees Wood chips or PKS.
  • Medium Mix : Between 50% -70% Virgin Wood Chips, 40% -30% Fruit Trees Wood chips or Olive Pruning Chips and for about 10% – 0% Olive Cake.
  • Hard Mix: Between 20% – 0% Olive Pruning Chips and for about 80% -100% Olive Cake.
  • Complex Designing: 40% Virgin Pine Wood Chips , 20% Fruit Trees Wood Chips , 15 % Olive Pruning Chips, 15% Olive Cake and 10% PKS.






Security Biomass Supplies


Having demonstrated to our clients that we can reliably supply bulk quantities of high-quality of products and always providing advantages to add value, Iberia BIoenergy is a strategic partner for Industrial players the Bioenergy Energy Sector.

The Iberia Bioenergy’s Biomass Trading Desk can get is able to secure more than 100.000 tonnes per year of biomass accross the World and our Origination business unit can collect more than 5.000 tonnes per month. Thanks to Forest Management of private forest assets, public tenders of Stumpage and a wide  network of forest companies around the Europe, Brazil and South Africa, Iberia Bioenery can secure long term for biomass & Wood contracts of supplying.




INLAND Logistic Solutions – Biomass HUB


Iberia Bioenergy counts on a Biomass – HUB in Spain from where we operate, through a local joint venture, a dedicated state-of-the-art production facility at Outdoor Ferrol Port, near Ferrol City on the Cantabrico Sea. With 10.000 m2 automated Warehouses and 15.000 m2 outside storage, we are able to produce and distribute more than 120.000 tonnes of wood chips for Biomass or FiberWood to be shipped into coaster boats up to a Panamax Size/ShipCarries, reaching industrial customers accros all the Europe and Asia.

The marvelous Port Facilities empower to accomodate big vessels with biomass ( i.e. 65,000 tonnes of wood pellets or 30.000 tonnes wood chips) coming from America or Africa, wichever these cargos can be reexported to Europe using small or medum size vessels

The Biomass HUB offers “SSHINC” port services and an attractive storage price per square metre, further of a competitives loading/disgarge rates for more than 7.000 tonnes per day in wood pellets.





Other Tailor – Made Solutions



Looking for fostering the Flexibility of Biomass Fuels , Iberia Bioenergy is providing Anti-Slagging Injection Technology in Biomass burning process for Power Generators . Please check our website to further related information.