Biofuels Sustainability.

Knowing the Origin of our renewable product is a basis requirement.

Iberia Bioenergy ensures the sustainability of its traded biofuels along the entire chain of custody. We put our commitment into action through participation in a severals certification schemes.

The certification systems specify what constitutes as sustainable operations, what their criteria are, and how the functioning of the supply chain should be documented.

Certifications include the EU-compliant ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). This scheme is raw material-independent, meaning that diverse raw materials can be certified with it. In the United States, the sustainability of renewable fuels is monitored through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) sustainability requirements.

Certifications ensure that during production:

  • There is no cultivation in restricted areas (e.g., high carbon stock areas and rainforests)
  • The greenhouse gas emission reduction covering the product’s entire life cycle is calculated correctly
  • Biodiversity or endangered species have not been put at risk
  • There is no land grabbing
  • Human rights have not been violated
  • Workers’ rights have been respected.


Identification and selection of good partners is crucial in regard to the sustainability of the supply chain. Therefore, ensuring the sustainability of our supply chain begins long before any deals have been closed or a drop of raw material delivered.

Knowing the origin of our renewable products is a basic requirement on which we will not compromise. Independent expert parties annually verify that all of the other strict sustainability requirements for renewable products are also followed. We cooperate with our long-term partners in the fields of training and communication, among others.


Download: Iberia Bioenergy’s ISSC-EU Certificated.

Download: Iberia Bioenergy’s ISCC-IT Certificated.