Forest Sustainability CoC

We originate and trade Forestry Resources, with full enviromental responsibility and sustainable way.

 We are committed to sourcing and managing our natural resources in the most efficient and responsible way possible, through sustainable forest management at plantations and forests and transparent processes across the supply chain.

Iberia Bioenergy originate and trade Forestry Resources, with full enviromental responsibility and sustainable way.

We put our commitment into action through voluntary participation in two industry leading forest Chain of Custody certification schemes:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)
  • the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™).

Comprising stringent sourcing, monitoring and risk management practices, and holding our suppliers to the same standards, a third-party verified approach means we can guarantee sustainability at every stage of the harvesting, transformation and transport process – literally from the forest to the final user.


Our objective is to only partner with supply chain participants that are willing to embrace our sustainability principles. Our approach is to engage with our suppliers, requesting them to employ sustainable practices. Recurring audits and follow up programmes will be used to assure continuous progress.

Targets / Actions

Risk assessments

  • Perform risk assessments of suppliers regarding safety, technical data sheets, material safety, substances of high concern

Supplier audits

  • Implement system of auditing based on the key sustainable sourcing principles

Sustainable sourcing key principles

  • Implement our key sustainable sourcing principles with our suppliers:

Download: Iberia Bioenergy’s FSC CoC Certificated.

Download: Iberia Bioenergy’s PEFC CoC Certificated.