Sustainability policy

We trade in a sustainable way and co-operating in the reduction of GHG.

The sustainability of our supply chain is important to us and we are working continusly to develop it, in addition we actively take part in developing suitable practices in our entire products and services.

Knowing the origin of our renewable products is a basic requirement on which we will not compromise. Iberia Bioenergy only trades sustainably-produced renewable raw materials or biofuels. Our supply chain management is based on own company’s sustainability polices and principles.





Our key sustainability-related principles are:

  • All our actions are safe for us, our neighbors, contractors, customers, and the environment.
  • We act responsibly in society and respect human rights wherever we operate.
  • We use natural resources responsibly and are actively working towards a more sustainable supply chain.
  • We know Deforestation is seen as one of the most serious problems with the use of biomass, we have developed guidelines to make sure that our raw materials will not lead, either directly or indirectly, to loss of valuable forests.
  • We act in compliance with laws and regulations, which we see as our minimum standards, and we expect our business partners to comply with all legal requirements as well.

Download: Iberia Bioenergy’s Sustainability Policy CoC