• VISION Working towards a Safe and Sustainable Future. More info
    • ADVANCED BIOFUELS Bio-Technological Solutions: Agro Waste to Advanced Microbial Oils as feedstock for the Biofuel Industry securing a GHG Saving > 94%. More info
    • LIQUID BIOFUELS Trading Mainly Second-Generation Biodiesel from Waste Veg. Oils and Fats. More info
    • BIOMASS & WOOD SOURCING Securing Biomass Resources to Power Producers More info

Markets & Solutions


Iberia Bioenergy trades liquid and solid biofuels, in compliance the highest standars of quality for Power & Thermical Generation and Transport Sectors. We also offer to Pulp & Wood , Oleochemical and Biogas customers a wide range of standard and tailor-made Raw materials.

 Liquids Biofuels


 Raw Materials


Our vertically-integrated business units provide specialized services and solutions for Biomass Power Producers and Biofuels Industry, in order to ensure efficiencies and to add value across all business operations.

 International Wood&Biomass Sourcing.

 Waste to Biofuels Tech.

 Un-Slagging Burning Tech.


Since our foundation in 2012 and headquartered in the Spain, we have extended our business activities to main markets . We are now active in 3 continents, strengthening relationships in developed economies and identifying and fostering opportunities in the developing world.

About us

Corporate responsability


"Our Strategic Goal is to grow in the global energy market based on renewable and sustainable raw materials "


Knowing the origin of our renewable products is a basic requirement on which we will not compromise. Iberia Bioenergy only trades sustainably-produced renewable raw materials or biofuels. Our supply chain management is based on own company’s sustainability polices and principles.

Sustainability Policy

Forest Sustainability CoC

Biofuel Sustainability