Waste and Residues Origination

Our broad activity makes us key agents in the collective endeavor of decarbonization.

Wastes and residues are a significant and underutilized set of feedstocks for renewable fuel and energy production.

The importance of the waste to energy philosophy

These resources are unlikely to diminish in volume in the near future, and it is a challenge to dispose of them properly due to the potential risk of land, water and air contamination.

However, these streams are the perfect allies in the global challenge of energy transition from fossil-fuel to renewable.

Unlike crop-based biofuel, waste and residue feedstocks are available without land-use change and therefore not competing in any way or form with the world’s food supply.

The revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) contains Annex IX which lists the feedstocks that are incentivized for the purposes of the EU’s transport emission reduction targets. All the raw materials from both parts of the list are in compliance with all the sustainability principles of the circular economy and waste hierarchy established in the Directive 2008/98/EC as well as with all the principles of the indirect land-use changes exposed in the Directive (EU) 2015/1513.

A business model focussed on the waste origination for renewable energy production

Direct management of waste and residues collection

ensuring that only genuine wastes and residues are collected

Long-term agreements with local collector managers

Supporting local business structures and partnering with them

Traceable and reliable supply chains

through a strong local networks with high sustainability and safety standards 

International trading

managed by a diverse and high skilled team spread across the world

Origination in Asia

Shanghai Partner Energy, is an integrated feedstocks and biofuels supplier with physical assets and a strong supply chain network.

Partner Energy’s shareholders are the owners of the three major UCO collections facilities located from north to south China in Jiangsu, Guangzhou, and Hebei provinces. Each of these entities have a wide net of points of origin and UCO collectors across China.

Through Partner Energy, we cooperate in the expansion of governmental kitchen waste treatment plants throughout China and Southeast Asia.

Partner Energy has invested in various UCO and POME collection and storage projects in Vietnam and Indonesia. Over the years these plants have developed a great reputation among our customers on a rapidly expanding low carbon feedstocks market. Through Partner Energy, we cooperate in the expansion of governmental kitchen waste treatment plants throughout China and Southeast Asia.

Origination in Latam

Origination of waste and residues from LATAM through Iberia Bioenergy America Corp. 

We gather such products from several origins where we have established long-lasting and trustable relationships with the local point of origins and collectors.

  • Dependent collecting points
  • Vegetable oil refineries
  • The rendering industry

Through different frameworks we develop commercial agreements with:

We partner with local collectors from all over the world and provide the supporting network needed to escalate their capacity while being in compliance with the required sustainability standards and international regulations.

Iberia Bioenergy America has developed consortium agreements with vegetable oils industries to trade SBEO and Acid oils in South America.