Traceability and visibility through Dragonfly Tech

A blockchain-based platform for secure and transparent waste supply-chains

Dragonfly in a nutshell

This tool allows waste and residue supply-streams to be recorded by originators, collectors and all the subsequent operators involved by uploading all the necessary data step by step along the supply chain.

At the different stages of the process, all the data is uploaded and shared through a private-permissioned blockchain platform.

Dragonfly integrates all the operators involved in the waste supply chain up to the biofuel producer: originators, collectors, traders, customs agencies, shipping companies, and quality surveyors among others.

This process reflects clearly the different steps of every batch of feedstock that the biofuel producer acquires. It is possible to have a clear view of multiple batches being combined or divided at a certain point of the supply chain without losing its traceability. 

As the world moves toward the necessary emission free economy, new opportunities arise and with them, the opportunity for fraudulent behaviour that will badly affect the environment.

We are committed to protect it and to address the challenge of the energy transition fairly and sustainability, because that is the only possible way.

Iberia Bioenergy’s blockchain platform, Dragonfly, enhances trust between the members of the supply chain. This digital tool based on blockchain technology provides clear, transparent, and immutable information making both the supply chain and trust unbreakable.

Dragonfly is a private-permissioned blockchain platform accessible through the internet. Through a friendly user interface, Dragonfly allows the parties involved in the supply chain to see and manage their information as per their role, activity and involvement. All the data recorded is immutable and independently approved by neutral third parties involved along the supply chain.

How does it work

Dragonfly brings together all different operators of a waste supply chain:

Restaurants, waste collectors, biofuels producers, third party surveyors, traders, and voluntary sustainability schemes in one single platform.

Waste originator
Waste treatment plant

Technological platform foundation

Dragonfly is based on a private permissioned blockchain

All members of a Dragonfly supply chain have access to the data related to the batches they are involved in, but they can only control the activities or functions matching their role and involvement.

The system includes decentralized data consent and approval but encrypted permissioned data access.