Bioenergy Markets

Trading sustainable and environmentally friendly feedstocks and fuels. Iberia bioenergy provides standard and tailor-made solutions for the energy market.

We source and supply biofuels and waste-based feedstocks to remarkable players including biomass power plants and biofuels producers for the transport sector.

Waste & residues feedstocks

Iberia Bioenergy sources and supplies waste-based feedstock in compliance with RED and EPA regulations. We pay close attention to the national markets and their regulations and we are able to provide services and commodities in compliance with the standards of the Italian National Scheme, Nabisy, Dutch double counting, RTFO, RFS and LCFS among others.

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Low Carbon Intensity Biofuels

Waste-based biofuels offer a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction of up to 90% compared with petroleum diesel. We provide our clients with the stability and security they need to plan for the future and achieve their GHG reduction targets. Our broad activity makes us key agents in the collective endeavor of decarbonization.

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Biomass and biogas

Biomass and Biogas Raw Materials

Iberia Bioenergy is also an active player in the international biomass and biogas markets. We offer a wide range of standards and tailor-made feedstock to the industry. We protect the environment ensuring sustainable forest management practices while keeping transparent processes across the supply chain.

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Bio Based Products

Iberia Bionergy trades bio-based products and fosters a circular economy model. Our labor facilitates the eco-sustainable trade for oleochemical, pharma and pulp & paper industries.

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